Thiết bị đo Omnicure R2000

Accurate radiometry is essential to maintaining a calibrated and
repeatable UV curing process suitable for consistent, high-quality
production. The OmniCure® R2000 Radiometer is the most advanced
and accurate tool for measuring irradiance or power from your
UV Spot Curing System. Developed in cooperation with the OmniCure®
Platform of UV Curing Systems, the portable OmniCure® R2000
Radiometer offers unmatched performance to calibrate and set
irradiance levels on your OmniCure® S2000 Curing System.
Using a single Radiometer, maintain process control and save setup time
by calibrating multiple systems with a preferred irradiance set point
Proprietary detector system for accurate wideband measurements
suitable for many different light sources
Proprietary optical interface that virtually eliminates beam profile dependence
and significantly improves measurement accuracy
Memory for storing data and communicating with PC software for downloading
Ready for use with additional custom accessories such as the Cure Ring Detector
and the Cure Site Detector