Thiết bị đo UV hãng EIT, Model Spot

Monitor spot curing system performance
·  Measure light guide degradation and determine optimum positioning of
the light guide
·  Measures UV irradiance (W/cm2)
·  Easy to use, long lasting battery, adaptors to support different size light

Thiết bị đo UV hãng EIT, Model LED 4 Band Profiler

The LEDCure Profiler Four Band:
• was developed for LED source manufacturers,
formulators, R&D labs and field service technicians
who routinely encounter dierent wavelength LEDs
(365, 385, 395, & 405 nm) and want very accurate
measurements in the band of interest
• has four EIT L-Bands (L365; L385; L395; and L405) in
one portable unit and a dynamic range of 40 W/cm2
• features EIT’s patented TMOR™ for accurate, repeatable
and absolute UV LED measurements

Thiết bị đo UV hãng EIT, Model Map LED

Applications with high process speeds, such as digital LED
printers, require a radiometer with high sample rates to capture
accurately the irradiance (Watts/cm2) and energy density
(Joules/cm2) values and profiles as a function of time. These
measurements are made by the LEDMAP™ which also can
measure and profile process temperatures.

Máy đo UV PowerMap II

The EIT PowerMAP II is a Profiling Radiometer that provides the irradiance (W/cm2), energy density
(J/cm2), irradiance profile (Watts/cm2 as a function of time) and temperature profile (°C as a function of
time) in a new instrument from EIT. This compact, one-piece instrument is 60% smaller than the original
EIT PowerMAP and measures UV in four (UVA, UVB, UVC, UVV) EIT spectral regions. The product features
larger internal memory for more data gathering, and rapid transfer of data to our new UV PowerView
Software III graphic data analysis program via USB interface.