Thiết bị đo UV hãng EIT, Model Power Puck II

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Display Easy to Read, Yellow Text on Black Background
Suggested Operating

Standard High Range: UVA, UVB, UVV - 100mW/cm² to 10W/cm² / UVC - 10mW/cm² to 1W/cm²
Mid-Range: UVA, UVB, UVV -10mW/cm2 to 1W/cm2 / UVC: 1mW/cm2 to 100mW /cm2
Low Power: UVA, UVB, UVV - 1mW/cm² to 100mW/cm² / UVC - 1mW/cm2 to 100mW/cm2

Units will “turn on” and display data at irradiance values much lower than the suggested Operating
Ranges. The suggested Operating Ranges are where the instrument performs best.

Accuracy  +/- 10%; +/- 5% typical
Spectral Ranges 4-channel continuous monitoring .Standard version: 320-390nm (UVA), 280-320nm (UVB), 250-
260nm (UVC), 395-445nm (UVV) / UVA2 Version: 380-410nm (UVA2 replaces the UVC band).
Spatial Response Approximately cosine
0-75°C Internal temperature; tolerates high external temperatures for short periods (audible alarm
indicates when temperature has exceeded tolerance
Time-Out Period 2 minutes DISPLAY mode (no key activity). A no time-out mode can be activated by EIT-IM.
Battery Two user-replaceable AAA Alkaline Cells
Battery Life Approx. 20 hours with display on
Dimensions 4.60 x 0.50 inches; 117 mm x 12.7 mm (D x H)
Weight 10.1 ounces (289 grams)
Instrument Materials  Aluminum, stainless steel
Carrying Case
 Cut polyurethane interior, scuff resistant nylon exterior cover
Carrying Case Weight  9 ounces (260 grams)
Carrying Case
 10.75 x 3.5 x 7.75 inches; 274 x 89 x 197 mm (W x H x D).
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