Thiết bị đo UV hãng EIT, Model Microcure


Spectral Response UVA (320-390nm, 10% power points)
Sample rate 2000 per second
Total Energy 0 to 9999 Joules/cm2
Resolution 0.001 Joules/cm2
Accuracy +/- 7% typical @ 25oC, -0.2% per oC over operating range
Peak UV Irradiance

Low Power (-2 Version): 100mW/cm2 to 2W/cm2

High Power (-10 Version): 500mW/cm2 to 10W/cm2

Spatial Response Cosine approximation
Operating Temperature Range 15-70oC internal
Time-out Period Approximately 4 minutes after last UV exposure
Batteries Permanent lithium cell
MicroCure® Radiometer Life 200 readings or 1 year , whichever comes first
Dimensions 1.30” long x 0.95” wide x 0.25 thick (33.00mm x 24.13mm x 6.35mm)
Weight 0.33oz (9.4 grams)
Materials Plated Aluminum, nylon
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