Thiết bị đo UV hãng EIT, Model Microcure MC-2A

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MicroCure & DataReader Product Specifications (Specifications subject to change without notice)
UVA Spectral Response 320-390 nm
UVV Spectral Response 395-445 nm
Suggested Operating
10 Watt (UVA or UVV): 500 mW/cm2 to 10 W/cm2
2 Watt (UVA or UVV): 100 mW/cm2 to 2 W/cm2
200 milliWatt (UVA): 10 mW/cm2 to 200 mW/cm2
DataReader display flashes if the unit has over-ranged. Suggested Operating Range provides the
best instrument performance. MicroCure units will “turn on” at lower irradiance values.
Sample Rate/Smooth
2048 samples per second. The MicroCure reports the peak “Smooth Off” irradiance value versus
the “RMS” or average irradiance value.
Spatial Response Approximately cosine
Accuracy +/- 7% typical @ 25°C, -0.2% per °C over operating range
Operating Temperature
Range is 15-70°C
Calibration Each MicroCure is supplied with a NIST traceable calibration certificate
Battery/Unit Life Permanent lithium cell/200 readings or one year whichever comes first.
Note: Expired MicroCure units can be return to EIT for proper disposal
Timeout Period 4 minutes nominal after last UV exposure or activation with UV exposure
Materials Plated Aluminum/Nylon/ RoHS
User Interface Push button switches allow user to display Joule/Watt/cm2 data, activate/ reset the unit
Display 4 digit LCD, resolution shown to 0.001 Joule/Watt/cm2
Operating Temperature Range is 0-70° C
Battery/Timeout User changeable 9V battery either alkaline or lithium/ DataReader timeout period is 30 seconds
Dimensions/Weight 5.77” X 4.38” x 1.45” (139.7 x 108 x 36.8 mm)/ 11.75 oz. (333.11 grams)
Materials Steel, nylon, polycarbonate, RoHS

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